Terms & Condition

The purchase of any Training & Coaching services offered by constitutes a contractual arrangement between Eunoia International (‘First Party’) and Client (here-in-after referred to as ‘You’) (Second Party). Both Parties are hereinafter referred to as (‘Parties’). Enrolling with Eunoia International represents your unconditional acceptance of the terms & conditions set out herein. These terms and conditions shall be binding on you and all the Training & Coaching programs booked by you.

Pictures used on the website and collateral are meant for marketing purposes. These do not imply the inclusion of the visual any guarantee that you will experience, encounter or view whatever is depicted through the pictures.

Program Dates
You are solely responsible to adhere the correct dates mentioned on the Training & Coaching collaterals.

All payments to be made at before course commencement. No EMI policy Eunoia International is not accountable in case of any course formality not being attended by the participant in time.

Your learning and development are Eunoia International prime concerns. Eunoia International, therefore, carries out its responsibility honestly & sincerely to ensure that your course journey is value adding.

No refund (Partial or otherwise) will be made if you voluntarily leave or drop out of a course for any reason once registered. Refunds are not possible for any missed sessions, however they can attend in the next batch

All communication will be done through the email ID submitted by the candidate in the registration form. Eunoia International is not responsible for loss or delay of communication due to incorrect email ID submitted by the candidates. In case of a change in email ID, Eunoia International should be informed in writing at info@eunoiainternational.com at the earliest.

In-Course Behaviour:
You are required to behave in a manner that is acceptable and conducive to group Training & Coaching. Eunoia International reserves the right to terminate your course (if you are found to be causing distress/annoyance to co-Training & Coaching participants).

In Case of Emergency:
If you fall ill or miss the class for the entire day due to health concerns ,you can always request to continue the same in the next batch.

Content Rights:
Eunoia content or any collaterals are for participants to refer, the content will not be shared to anyone outside.

Terms of use of the website:
The web pages/content of the website can change at any time without prior notice and is only to supply general information to you. We or any third party do not offer any kind of warranty or guarantee regarding the content’s accuracy, information, timeliness and performance of this website for any definite reason or purpose. If you find any information or materials inaccurate to your knowledge, we explicitly eliminate such acknowledgement as per the Law. We are not accountable for your usage of the website’s information and materials. It shall be at your own risk and responsibility to acquire and accept any information, product and services provided by us to meet your specifications.

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