In the past, functional knowledge and academic qualification sufficed for employment. In the present epoch, companies want their employees to excel not just in their work output but also embedded in modern corporate culture equipped with essential skills sets, performance competencies and be a collaborative & connected team players for a breakthrough future of the organization. The value of a continual learning process is pivotal to a growing business.

Behavioural Skills training at Eunoia International is crafted using behavioural psychology and positive psychology that outlines major learning’s:

🔑 Classical Conditioning

🔑 Thorndyke’s Law of Effect

🔑 Observational learning. 

🔑 Operant Conditioning 

🔑 Social Learning

This aims to improve interpersonal competence in the workforce to improve the workforce’s ability to perform the operational tasks effectively and to be self-managing and emotionally controlled, this is essential to maintain equilibrium between operational and behavioural skills. 

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  • After the program, the learners would be able to
  • l Evaluate the behavioural impact at the workplace
  • l Create a cohesive culture, better engagements & interpersonal relations.
  • l Improve workplace harmony
  • l Reinforce responsible attitude for self-improvement, job performance to drive results
  • l Better self-management in contingencies and changing situations.