Design Thinking is a process that emphasizes creativity & innovation to address simple and mutating complex problems. Design Thinking is an exceptional approach to thinking without any limitations. This ideology can be used for creative problem solving, operative decision making, reinventing the business model, product designing, understanding the behaviours of the end-users, resolving conflicts in an organization, trying and testing the solutions, collaborating with the users focusing on customer-centricity.

In the Design Thinking workshop, the learners focus on different contexts of applying this tool, not only in digital designing also in regular work scenarios this fosters team collaboration, expression of ideas, breakthrough strategies. During this workshop the team works on defining the specific problem they discuss the personas of the users and understand the client behaviour by empathizing with them. The team goes through diverse ideas creates prototypes and goes through trial and user testing to confirm the effectiveness of the solution.

Highlights Of the Program

  • Solution-oriented thinking towards complex problems.
  • Breaks silos and encourages team cohesion.
  • Freedom to express diverse ideas and challenge assumptions.
  • Empathy mapping for customer engagement.
  • Exposure to multiple creative areas to solve a problem.
  • Need analysis and feedback regulation for customer experience.
  • Reaching business goals, implementing new ideas, and encouraging innovation.