While Business Industry and Professional Firms are going through a transformational expedition the demand for refined workforce surge, they bank on the embodiment of refurbished knowledge, skillsets, attitude, and competencies. Simultaneously the prerequisite of well-informed corporate trainers and coaches is broadening to demystify professional paths of the workforce resulting in business success. The organizations are in quest of profound trainers and coaches to impart specific skills for a particular outcome. Comprehending the essentialities of knowledge and skills of the trainers to draw remunerative opportunities Eunoia International has devised a distinctive training certification that encompasses modules that exquisite learning of aspiring and seasoned trainers. These training certification programs aim to equip the learners with apt training prowess to advance as conscientious trainers and coaches. 

The Course Modules Cover

Modusoperand Used

The above components adhere to the retention and effective application that caters to the learning needs of the participants.

The significant objective of these certification programs is to link our learners to the broader perspective of knowledge, skills competencies, practices of translating ideas to the content and articulate to different learning cadre such as corporates, business groups, educators, working professionals, etc.

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