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We are a prominent India-based business psychology firm with over 12 years of expertise in delivering personalized solutions to improve leadership, employee engagement, and business performance in our clients’ organizations. A company’s success will depend upon its employees who are more likely to fetch results when they are in a supportive and illuminating work environment. As such, every employee might have dreamed of an ideal workplace.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an “ideal” workplace. Any given workplace will have a mix of all elements which largely depend upon the attitudes of the co-workers. Thus, the burden will essentially be on the manager of the company and his abilities to mobilize the employees, harness their full potential and take the company to great heights. This is where we step in. Our services help executives/managers to recognize their strengths and shortcomings to efficiently meet the demands of their job title. 

The extremely dynamic nature of the corporate world today is hard to cope with by even some of the most seasoned employees and firms. Nobody can avoid work pressure and competition in their professional lives. However, what one can do is develop the necessary skills to excel despite having strong external forces working against them. This is one of the major factors for the growing need for executive coaches. 

Executive Coaching is a common and effective method for ensuring top performance from an organization and its employees which is frequently being adopted by businesses across the spectrum today. Eunoia International, Training and Coaching Innovations is built on the cornerstones of trust and authenticity. We take an integrated approach with the understanding of human behaviour and work experience to achieve successful and long-term performance for both individuals and organizations.


 Since we take our work so seriously, it only makes sense for us to pass it on to the upcoming executive coaches. In other words, we offer training to future professionals who can carry forward the fulfilling work that we do at our organization. We provide certificate programs to those who want to learn the art of Training Life & Executive coaching and also conduct various training workshops. Our training enables coaches to effectively cater to the needs of the clients and provide them with an enriching experience. 

Our Vision

In the training domain, be the catalyst that turns an organization’s culture of continuous learning into an asset to the business, enhancing the innate potential of their workforce.

Our Mission

Develop a learning forum that encompasses creativity and innovative behaviours, as well as practical tools that will enable learners’ skills and competencies to be developed. 

Our Goals

To aid in flexible thinking, decision making, and creative problem solving
To increase levels of motivation and productivity
To create effective leadership by strategically meeting organizational/individual goals
To improve communication and interpersonal skills
To devise effective ways of conflict resolution
To foster organizational intelligence
To enable work-life balance
To provide a safe environment for personal growth and vulnerability

Our Outreach

We tend to clients who may be Individuals trying to tackle life’s challenges, or organizations that are working towards team-building and asset retention. One of the ways to tell if you need Life/Executive coaching is to see if you can identify with any of the following feelings:

  • Trapped and constantly searching for job satisfaction
  • Unable to maintain good work relationships 
  • Unable to elicit ownership and accountability from team members 
  • Fearing inadequate and lacking trust in team members for delegating work
  • Unaware of sabotaging habits that impact your work efficiency
  • Losing control over your life’s progression
  • Imagining an alternative future where you won’t be powerless and insecure

Our Team Values

We bring to you a group of experts who have more than 15 years of experience in the field of Learning and Development, including both corporate training and coaching. Our experts focus on programs that are specially designed to uncover untapped potential in working professionals and encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone, into a life full of daring and limitless possibilities. As a team, we adhere to certain principles and ethics while offering our services which are:

  • We notify our clients of specific and well-defined issues that need their attention
  • We are inclusive and non-judgmental of the backgrounds of our clients
  • We prioritize mental well-being of our clients and cater to their happiness
  • We value the trust and faith vested in us by our clients