Leadership is a muscle that needs regular reps of routine sessions and an elucidated plan resonating with the leadership style and the role of a leader. A leader in the vital pillar of a thriving business leading a strong team with the potential of creating more leaders. To achieve business success a leader entails heading up a team, preparing them for the management roles, demystifying the technology, establishing clear goals and values. One has to navigate through changes upgrade to maintain leadership focus, be involved in learning new skills, and cultivate a new mindset. Leadership is the synchronization of mindset, skillset, attitude, and values one brings to the table. The scope and complexity of the role demand honing of skills, mastering of their functions, organization intelligence nitty-gritty of the industry and ability to develop a motivated team and also improve the coordination for interdependent activities in cross-functional teams.

Tenets of Leadership is an exclusive training program to engage the leaders to amplify their leadership powers, aim to build the legacy of the organization. Develop prowess as a torchbearer for a high-performing team. To lay the conceptualized groundwork for improving corporate performance and profitability.

Highlights of the program

  • An acquaintance of leadership models and tools for excellence.
  • Integration of skills required for complex problem-solving.
  • Building 3 C’S – Communion, Competence & Compassion 
  • Evaluate the team strengths and analyse the gaps to be bridged.
  • Proactively shape the organization’s culture resonating with its vision. 
  • Exhibit right behaviours to inspire the team.
  • Effective communication with respective departments and clients.

Public Programs